Program Director - Gabriella Neglia Program Director - Chelsea Hart Runway Director - Cassandra Del Percio Runway Director - Nicole Gim 2nd Year Model Stacey Faiman

Height: 5'0" Height: 5'4" Height: 5'5" Height: 5'3" Height: 5'2"

3rd Year Model Jalena Folkes 2nd Year Model Sarah Jirari 3rd Year Model Elena Karavassilis 2nd Year Model Kimberly Lee 2nd Year Model Kasia Tylawski 4th Year Model Olympia Zipitas

Height: 5'4" Height: 5'3" Height: 5'4" Height: 5'2" Height: 5'4" Height: 5'2"


Congratulations and welcome to our new

2013-2014 Shortstack Models!

If you see your photo and name to the right, you will be joining the models above in this years program for our

8th Annual Charity Fashion Show!

Rehearsals begin Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 from 6:30pm-9pm at Junior High School 190 (68-17 Austin Street, Forest Hills NY). Rehearsals are mandatory; please be on time, and you do NOT need to bring heels!

We'd like to thank EVERYONE who auditioned for this years program. Unfortunately we have limited space and cannot accept everyone, but we encourage you to join our volunteer team to learn more about Shortstack and behind-the-scenes of our program,

and to try again next year!